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Friday, 31st July 2009


Microsoft releases second, 'experimental' version of .Net 4 Beta 1



Microsoft external PR chief to get a blue badge



Microsoft privately testing Office 2010 streaming-download model



Windows 7 activation ... FAIL!



Is it time to dump Adobe's Flash player?



Dead-Finger Tech: My three "must have" bits of tech!



Microsoft issues emergency patch for IE



Laptop or desktop+netbook for back to school?



Hollywood seeks to block Pirate Bay sale



Google Wave: Surfer's dream or just the kiddie pool?



Is your network ready to handle videoconferencing?



10 ways to turn your mobile phone into an efficient business tool


Thursday, 30th July 2009


Microsoft privately testing Office 2010 streaming-download model



Feds need to mandate e-book standards



Benchmarks: Windows 7 RTM versus Vista, XP



Assessing cloud providers



Office 2010 Technical Preview: a first look



It's official: Microsoft-Yahoo ink 10-year search pact; Regulator scrum begins



10 cool features to look forward to in Office 2010



Improve multiple monitor support with DisplayFusion



Jeff Bezos offers apology for Orwellian mistake



Is Microsoft now going to have to give everyone a choice of web browser?



Microsoft to release "out-of-band" patches this Tuesday



Would antivirus ruin the iPhone experience?



Novell delivers SUSE appliance kit



Could open source have built Silicon Valley?



Microsoft retail store pitch: Whither PCTV?



Jeff Bezos offers apology for Orwellian mistake


Wednesday, 29th July 2009


Social computing in the enterprise: Does it pay?



Microsoft: European XP and Vista users to get the ballot screen, too



Apple tablet: An iPod touch DX?



Microsoft to ship emergency IE, Visual Studio patches



CIO Jury: Split on deploying Windows 7



Looking for a job? You may require an extreme social networking makeover



Adobe and Microsoft: Why wait until the last minute?



Troubleshoot Windows Vista drivers with Driver Query and DriverView



How to deal with Adobe Flash and Reader vulnerability



Is it "Windows" or "Vista" that's dragging Microsoft down?



Are early adopters all suckers?



Microsoft agrees to give choice of browsers to Windows 7 users in Europe



Microsoft removed Mac price reference from Apple-aimed ad



Are there more layoffs in Microsoft's future?



Open source advocates still called zealots



Falling profits forced Microsoft's open source hand


Tuesday, 28th July 2009


Adobe 'zero-day' flaw is eight months old



Are early adopters all suckers?



How to load music onto a mobile phone



Improve multiple-monitor support with DisplayFusion



Product Spotlight: DNSstuff network management suite



Leo Laporte, President of the Internet, names his cabinet



Windows 7 available for download on MSDN and TechNet August 6th



10 best practices for successful project management



10+ tips for using Word as an XML editor



Twitter tools: Great for now, but will they last forever?



Has Microsoft switched from defense back to offense?


Monday, 27th July 2009


Who's to blame for unsecured WiFi connections?



Canonical walks the talk with Launchpad release



Microsoft and the 'premium mix' dilemma



Microsoft rolls out new developer toys: Bing#, Gestalt and more



A good fit: Amazon gobbles up Zappos



Does social media really correlate with the bottom line?



The Scarlet V: What's a Vista business user to do?



The Ultimate Windows 7 upgrade FAQ



Amazon: shares tumble as Q2 sales fall short of expectations



China's Green Dam and the cyberwar implications hits the banks when they're down



Dead-finger Tech: Google Apps



Never underestimate the power of a resume typo


Sunday, 26th July 2009


Download: SimpleMind Xpress



Download: FavBackup



Download: Partition Wizard Business Edition



Download: Lumension Vulnerability Scanner



Download: CopyTrans



Download: 10 outstanding Linux backup utilities



Hard drive failure troubleshooting checklist



Download: Auto Log Book



Apple lawyers tried to hush up exploding iPod reports



AMD sales slump 13%



NVIDIA ForeceWare 190.38 drivers out for Geforce/ION



Open source actively lobbies for a piece of the federal pie



Kaltura launches open source video platform



Dead Finger Tech: Amazon Kindle ebook reader



Will pre-teens really adopt the new ipod touch as a VoIP phone?



Plastic Logic Reader will connect via AT&T and WiFi


Saturday, 25th July 2009


A good fit: Amazon gobbles up Zappos



Teams in the (troubled) cloud



SmartPlanet: 4G mobile wireless? 3G is too expensive as it is!



Four ways to recession-proof your IT group



IPv6: Oops, it's on by default



Consultants, how independent are you?



Who will get the Windows 7 bits and when?



Microsoft's fiscal 2010 game plan: Seven must-see slides



Is Microsoft's GPL2 support really a big deal?



Windows 7 RTM - Get the facts



Apple - Best non-holiday revenue and earnings ... but iPod sales flagging



Intel Core i5 ... coming Sept 6th?



Review: e-Luminator2 book light and three M-Edge Kindle cases



Windows 7, Server 2008 R2 released to manufacturing



WiFi drop-off problem still dogging MacBooks



How many PCs are enough? 5? 10?



Analysts: AMD has no answers for Intel



Why Microsoft open-sourced its Linux drivers



Dead-finger tech: Google Apps


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